Wrought iron gates Russian fairy tales


Price: from 3960$ per sq.m.

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The magnificent author’s gate is sculpture and metal artist Kuzma Tkach. In this work, the recognizable and distinctive stylistics of the author is clearly read. The gates contain elements of the Russian and Byzantine style, expressively emphasized by the special plasticity of the metal. Much attention should be paid to the level of complexity of the product, which very few blacksmiths can work on. Almost every detail of this product is unique and inimitable.
Our experts, inspired by this masterpiece, will carry out a stylistically similar project for you.

Style: Russian

For the manufacture of an entrance group, which is a self-sufficient artistic composition, steel rolled metal of various assortments is used.
Equipping with automatic equipment is provided.
The assembly is carried out for welding, rivets, clamps and locksmith threaded connections.
Professional blacksmith paints, patina.

Manufacturing time: from 3 months
Guarantee period: 12 years
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