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Price: from 2316$ per sq.m.

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Medieval style signboard

Forged advertising sign for the hotel, made in medieval style. The main decorative elements are the stems of a rose bush with miniature rosebuds, small leaves, accentuated by natural green color. In the upper part there is a horseshoe, with a spruce standing on it, a boat below, and in the middle the main flower of the composition. Clamps add an additional craft aesthetic. The product adorns a hotel in the small town of Weinheim in Germany and is made by German craftsmen.
For extra brightness, you can place a light box or directional lighting.

Style: Romanesque

Elements are forged by hand. The frame is assembled by welding and clamping crimp connections. Material: steel. Copper and its alloys can be used.
Galvanizing, priming, ship enamel, patina.

Manufacturing time: from 21 days
Guarantee period: 12 years
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