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Price: from 600$ per sq.m.

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Vendor code: ЗНК-49

Laconic and lightweight fence in a modern style. The ornament resembles a classic lattice entwined with a plant. The forged top in the shape of sharp twigs gives originality and natural grace. Our designers and craftsmen can create for you a unique artistic solution in strict accordance or close author’s style.

Style: Pseudo baroque

All items are handcrafted. The frame is assembled from a strip, the filling is forged from a solid square bar or assembled from a rolled square. Casting or forged elements are used as decoration.
The assembly is carried out on a welded joint, installation depending on the installation site, mainly by means of a locksmith screw fastening
Galvanized, two-component acid primer and ship paint.

Manufacturing time: from 3 weeks
Guarantee period: 6 years
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