Golden Age stair railing

Барокко в металле
Барокко в металле

Price: from 2760$ per r.m.

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Palace-style wrought-iron staircase

A magnificent staircase set in a private residence, created in a palace style. The design is distinguished by its special splendor and the absence of support pillars, the functions of which are performed by a solid pattern, replete with acanthus.
All leaves are unique and handcrafted to suit the march configuration and curvature of the fence line. The work of the blacksmith workshop Hantel Art.
We can design, manufacture and install identical railings in your home, palace or hotel.

Style: Baroque

Fences are made by hot forging and embossing. Material: steel rolled metal.
For indoor use: Temacoat and Temadur two-component systems, gold leaf or gold leaf gilding.
For outdoor use: Galvanized, special acid primer and marine enamel, gilding.

Manufacturing time: From 10 weeks
Guarantee period: 45 years
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