Prices for forged products


Blacksmithing cost

Nameunit of measurementPrice from, $
Forged gratingsquare meter336
Gates, wickets and fences503
Balconiesrunning meter330
Railings and balustrades for stairs349
Ritual fences291
Lanterns, chandeliers, lamps308
Fireplace sets501
  • prices are approximate

The price is made up of several components:


  1. In forging, steel rolled metal products of various cross-sections and sizes are mainly used: square and circle, strip, profile and round pipe, sheet, expanded metal, perforated. Less commonly, due to the high cost, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze are used.
  2. Ferrous metal needs anti-corrosion treatment. Guaranteed corrosion prevention methods such as hot and cold galvanizing, priming and coating with industrial two-component systems are quite expensive. To fairly reliable methods of preventing rust in the middle price category include powder polymer painting and spray application of high-quality primers and enamels.


  1. Blacksmithing is a handicraft direction, so here the main method of metalworking is traditional manual labor, albeit with the use of modern power tools and equipment.

Related expenses

  1. Creation of design projects by professional artists and designers.
  2. Transport and handling costs.

Here you will learn about the approximate initial cost of metal structures, a wide range of products, furniture and fittings.

Calculate the cost of production and installation of decorative metal products

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There are three options to order a quote:

  1. You can send a technical assignment by mail containing dimensions, sketches or photographs of a sample, a photo of the installation site, call us and we will make an assessment.
  2. Select a project from the catalog on our website, which we have collected for the convenience of the client in determining the design style of the planned products.
  3. Contact the manager of Art Forge and make an appointment in our office or at the customer’s site to discuss details, jointly formulate the terms of reference and take measurements.


When calculating the price of forged railings, the type and thickness of the rolled metal, as well as coefficients, are taken into account.

Lifting sections + 25%, screw + 50%

Corner bend + 40% per running meter, straight joint or transition + 30%

The quoted prices include the development of sketch drawings, production of elements, assembly, preparation for painting, painting with proven paints and patina.

Installation work is from 10% of the contract amount.

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