Ten reasons why real art forging cannot be cheap


1. Making one copy by hand takes a lot of time and colossal labor costs, in comparison with serial production on factory equipment.

2. Gates, fences, canopies, doors, grilles are made taking into account suitable sizes and creative ideas, with the possibility of creating an object that perfectly matches the taste of the customer.

3. Forged products are exclusive and do not have identical copies. Even if a replica is made from a sketch or photograph, the two samples still do not turn out to be exactly the same. Not infrequently these are piece and collectible items.

4. The blacksmith very scrupulously and subtly adheres to technologies and traditional methods of metal processing. His brainchild carries his handwriting and influences his reputation. He will not allow himself to make a low-quality product.

5. Expenses of time resources for drawings and projects, drawing up a technological map and planning a production process, including the selection and preparation of materials, development of the necessary equipment.

6. The level of manual work in forging and assembling decorative metal products is much higher than that of a machine, but craft techniques are inferior to machine tools in productivity. At the moment of technical development, complex volumetric forging in single quantities is not performed due to the high complexity.

7. To achieve the best result, it is important to have a wide knowledge and skills related to materials science and metalworking. Do factory workers go into such details? A good blacksmith delves into all the subtleties.

8. The master does not skimp on quality. In factories, savings are considered one of the most important factors, and when solving individual problems, this is impractical. For an artist, the main thing is not to make a sale, but to find an owner for his creation.

9. When ordering original decor or sculpture, no one offers you what you do not need. They listen to your wishes and try to create a true masterpiece of blacksmithing art together with you.

10. Each piece is a reflection of the talent, worldview and experience acquired by the master throughout his life.

For a correct and adequate understanding of the pricing resulting from all of the above, we invite you to visit our forge and see with your own eyes how steel is forged.

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