Stages of work


Application to the forge

In our catalog, you leave a request for calculating the cost of the product you like, indicating your number in the feedback form, within an hour we will call back and discuss the details. Our site contains a large number of metal products for various purposes, including the great works of the best European authors. If you want, order a replica of masterpieces in your own interpretation or a replica of the famous gate, fence or railings of the golden age of architecture.

Fixing area measurements

The next step is to visit the site and make accurate measurements on site, understand the permissible dimensions and familiarize yourself with the attachment sites. This is necessary to formulate a clear technical task for a team of artists, blacksmiths and assemblers.

Defining the stylistic framework of the product

After the measurements have been taken, the art style, optimal production techniques, and paint colors are discussed.

Forging design development

An advance payment of 60% of the full contract price is made.

Our designer carries out a selection of drawings in a given style. Then he coordinates with you the unique features of the project based on your taste and architectural preferences. After that, a pencil sketch is drawn with the accompanying coordination of three options and the selection of the most interesting. Then the selected picture is drawn in a graphics program. Visualization is done if necessary.

Manufacturing of a project in metal

The masters begin to implement their plans. Our forge is always open for you, and the client can come to our workshop at any time and see the process of manual hot forging.
At the request of the customer, a sample is made before starting work.

Installation of a forged creation

Products are forged, assembled, painted and prepared for installation. An interim payment of 20% is due. The final stage of implementation is considered to be installation activities, if necessary.

Delivery of the results of blacksmith work

After the beautiful creation has been installed, the buyer accepts it and an acceptance certificate is drawn up. After that, the rest of the amount is paid. Everyone is happy, ready to admire and take selfies of the blacksmith’s art!

Art Kuznitsa guarantees the quality of its products, as well as all related work on delivery and installation.

Thank you!

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