Fusion style history

Fusion is a combination of incongruous. It combines all architectural styles and methods of interior decoration, but at the same time preserves the integrity of the image and harmony. It originated in the 1980s in the Philippines, initially in the form of a movement of furniture designers. Then he entered the interior theme, and then expanded to architecture. No one can give an exact answer about the origin of fusion as a direction, since there are different opinions, only the essence does not change from this.

Artistic metal in the style of Fusion

The metal decor in this design is quite diverse. It perfectly harmonizes oriental motives with the technical elements of the West, and African attributes will find application with shades of Western classics or in the Baroque. In an industrial loft, you will be pleasantly surprised by the gothic furnishings, mixing and playing with different transitions and possible variations. These are the main distinctive features, and this is what makes it unique. It is impossible to repeat it. Every time you need to create something new and beautiful. Use materials without restrictions and templates. It is very popular and always welcome to combine palette, sunspots on pastel colors. For example, a bright orange balcony on a gray façade background or luscious and bright furniture in a light color scheme of the interior. The main thing is to maintain freedom in the choice of colors and in space.

There are also no special canons and rules in artistic forging. Combine any theme and geometric shapes as your fantasy desires. Combine modernist blacksmithing techniques with the Renaissance and Rococo, or use modern high-tech fencing for your home in a strict classic look. Forging in this style is bizarre and unusual, but at the same time completely unique, which makes it attractive.

This style is a reflection of the inner world of creative people with an extraordinary approach to their home. It suits people who go for experiments and are not afraid of unexpected ideas. For example, travelers, archaeologists, collectors and cultural figures who love to bring amazing objects from their trips and find a place for them in their home museum.

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