Forged visor

A wrought-iron canopy above the entrance to the building, made in the Baroque style, in a manner of execution typical for Petersburg masters.
The product features an asymmetrical arrangement of the brackets. On the one hand, there are two paired, and on the other, single. Between the steam rooms there is a drainpipe that collects water from the flat roof of the structure. For a full flow, a small drop in the level of the metal roof was provided.

The decoration is large acanthus leaves, curls with strobes and clamps, swirling leaves and flowers in the central part of the spiral pattern. A decorative strip runs along the lower border of the frame, made up of peaks in the centers of the volutes and additional edging with balls between the lines. All elements are forged by hand by blacksmiths of the Art Forge creative workshop. Tops are placed on the upper corners of the frame.

The coating is made with special two-component systems based on resin-modified epoxy and polyurethane paints with a hardener.

The visor adorns the object located in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg.

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