Warranty for art forging products

It should be noted that with strict adherence to technologies, the use of high-quality rolled metal products, special primers and paints, the products produced in the forge have an unlimited operational period. The main negative factors that lead to damage to forged products are gross physical impact, deforming metal structures and disrupting the paintwork layer.

To ensure the highest reliability of metal products, we have introduced mandatory quality control at every stage of the technological cycle.

We guarantee the strength and durability of products in accordance with the highest standards and minimum specified terms of use:

The integrity of the welded seam is 10 years.
Mounting connections and assemblies – 5 years.
Resistance of enamels to fading and abrasion in residential premises from 3 to 15 years.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

During operation, mechanical, thermal, chemical damage was caused.
Independent design changes during use or intervention of third parties.

All questions of warranty and post-warranty service are discussed with the company’s specialists.

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