Greek style


In ancient Greece, the god Hephaestus was revered as the god of blacksmithing. And the artisans of that era were famous for their skill, and some of the methods and techniques of blacksmithing of the ancient Greeks are still used today.

The advantages of forging in this style come from the inherent monumentality and massiveness of the elements, which gives the products high strength, reliability and durability. The Greek style is one of the trends in the Empire style, characterized by the presence of meanders and smooth straight lines of a circle, an abundance of volutes and floral ornaments, in which flower festoons from acanthus cups take the central place. A characteristic feature of Greek art is the alternation of floral patterns with geometric shapes or meanders, as well as the use of ancient Greek mythical creatures. From the ancient heritage, the Empire style mainly chose military motives: armor, spears, laurel wreaths, brushes, lictor bundles, which beautifully adorned triumphal arches, columns and steles.

Artistic blacksmithing, containing motives of Greek ethnicity, is widely used in various design solutions, since they will look great both in a strict exterior and in a fashionable art deco style. And meanders and currencies will give even a simple fence made of cross bars their extraordinary style. Forged products in the Greek style can be combined with glass, wood and stone, which gives even more opportunities for the realization of the artist’s own fantasies and decisions. Not to mention the decorative elements that can be performed with a military theme or mythological creatures of ancient Greece.

If you want to use ancient Greek ornaments in staircase fences and balustrades, in wrought iron gates and fences, then you should pay more attention to the harmonious combination of products with those styles that are already present in interiors, exteriors or spaces adjacent to the object. Despite all the seeming versatility, it must be used competently and tastefully.

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