Artistic forging and its development


History of the development of forges

Blacksmithing is one of the oldest crafts in human history. Archaeologists have found jewelry such as beads and tubes made from thin sheets of copper, gold and silver, created as far back as the 7th millennium BC. In those days, the smithy itself was only a site where a fire was made. Tin was smelted there and bronze was made, and then poured into prepared forms. After that, the blanks were forged. For many centuries, this type of metalworking was the main method of making metal products. Later, the method of cold deformation began to be applied. Proof that the metal was processed in this way became the dagger of Tutankhamun, which was forged from meteorite iron.

With the invention of iron, blacksmithing techniques and techniques have evolved significantly. Weapons, agricultural implements, horseshoes for horses were forged from it. Blacksmiths of that time had special privileges among the rich and were held in high esteem by ordinary citizens. Already in antiquity, they mastered many techniques, such as punching, cutting, drawing, bending, twisting, riveting, stitching and other methods used today. They have adapted to create many necessary things. No military campaign was complete without them. One or two specialists were necessarily assigned to each regiment. They were awarded a military rank, they received a monetary salary from the state. During the campaign they were irreplaceable people. They could assemble a workshop anywhere and fix armor or vehicles.

Forges of our time

With the development of technology and new knowledge, the skill of the workers of the smithies also improved. Metallurgical plants are being erected, the main direction of which is cast iron casting. The production of steel parts for ships, steamships, trains and other public and military transport is developing. But the relevance of forging remains unchanged. Houses are being built, styles in architecture are developing. At the same time, homeowners have a desire to be the owners of a beautiful balcony or fence. People want to equip their homes with forged furniture and other interior elements. How many amazing and beautiful things discovered in archaeological expeditions have been preserved to this day. Many creations are striking in their accuracy and filigree. The magnificent lines and the extraordinary design make an impression.

Nowadays, the creation of metal decor is taught in many universities around the world. But only a sincere desire to learn this profession will help to truly become an artist. The craft has come a long way as a full-fledged art. It is also in great demand in the modern world in the circles of connoisseurs. The volume of the forged goods market is small. Handmade products are quite expensive. It is aimed at admirers of beauty and reliability. Many custom-made hand-forged items are considered unique pieces of art. They will last for centuries. The existing masterpieces of the works of blacksmiths of the past testify to this.

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