How to choose the right forged brazier


It’s not easy to imagine outdoor recreation without barbecue, because a person needs to eat right every day. The meat diet is perhaps the most suitable for a tourist outing. That is why the tradition of roasting meat on an open fire or on coals is so deeply rooted all over the world.

The barbecue helps people significantly facilitate this process. Usually, it is an easily assembled stainless or heat-resistant steel structure, which must be adapted for easy transportation, carrying, quick assembly and disassembly. Such bras for a tourist can be purchased at any hypermarket or specialty store selling grills, braziers and ovens. If you want to buy a product directly from the manufacturer at a pleasant price, then contact us at the Art Forge.

And if the question concerns stationary barbecues for placement in the country or in the courtyard of a country house. This is where things get a little more complicated, because every buyer wants to make a smart choice without mistakes and on the first try. Correctly chosen forged brazier promotes good mood and excellent pastime. It will be your reliable partner for outdoor cooking on weekends and holidays. Therefore, we consider a custom-made item to be the optimal solution. At the same time, the price varies from low, in ten thousand rubles, to high in one hundred and more.

There are many options for its manufacture. A cheap but practical metal product will be a welded box on a frame with legs with a wood log at the bottom, decorated with forged and stamped elements. It is painted with heat-resistant enamels that calmly withstand the burning temperature of firewood, which does not exceed 900 degrees Celsius under standard conditions. The coating protects the product from corrosion.

The middle price category includes such, all components are made using manual hot forging. You will recognize them by a large number of forging texture, the presence of connections on rivets and clamps, the presence of curls, torso, acanthus leaves and flowers, grapes, vines, forks and braces. Stylistic directions can be absolutely any: modern, baroque, empire, rococo, loft, national or ethnic, industrial or steampunk. They cost from 50 to 120 tr.

There are also expensive works that represent whole sculptural compositions of real artistic value. There are specimens made in the form of a deer, a ship, a car, a tank, a submarine, a steam locomotive, a chest, a motorcycle, a bull, a pig, a train carriage or a carriage. These works of art, forged by the hands of the best masters, will be the object of envy and admiration of your friends and acquaintances. Their price tag starts from one hundred and fifty thousand rubles. In addition to private customers, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and hotels buy exclusive items. They are often accompanied by skewers and a wood log in the same style.

Our workshop employs professionals with many years of experience, metal artists, designers, blacksmiths forging masterpieces and welders. They will independently develop a unique project or make a brazier metal structure according to the proposed sketches and drawings. They can be of different shapes and sizes, with different ornaments and patterns, or a fabulous fantasy design. New technologies allow you to quickly and accurately create a durable and durable product. It will retain its original appearance for years thanks to its high-quality steel base and special anti-corrosion treatment.

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