What associations do you have with the word country? Many will immediately answer that they remembered incredible fun music, cowboys, the romance of the American wild west, and they would be right. After all, country, as an interior style, originated in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, although it was recognized by designers only closer to the seventies. So what are its features and secrets of attractiveness in our time?

Translated from English, country means a village or village. In the modern world of new technologies, concrete boxes and the bustle of the city, more and more people want peace, quiet, coziness, provincial simplicity and comfort. It is this simple human desire that gives rise to a whole cultural layer. Where can you safely spend time with family and friends, forget about problems and a million things to do? That is why the country style is popular in our time, because it does not have the exceptional practicality and dullness of minimalism inherent in the baroque pretentiousness and pomp. Here everything is necessary, but it takes the form of rural aesthetics.

Given the different national characteristics of countries, this direction of decorative art cannot be called simple. It all depends on whose village theme is close to you.
American country is notable for its good quality and solidity. Massive wooden furniture with forged elements, leather-covered sofas, iron fireplace accessories. Every detail of the interior resembles the harsh and at the same time simple disposition of its owner.

In English, there is the primacy and elegance inherent in Britain, grace and lightness. It is characterized by the use of textiles and upholstery throughout the interior. Artistic metal is a must, and forged products are used in exteriors, furniture and decor items, but preference is given to artificially aged copper. The aging effect of a metal product is given both through patina and through natural oxidation. Here, much attention is paid to small decorative items, due to which an atmosphere of sophistication and well-being is created.
German is distinguished by its reliability and accuracy, there are no frills in it. Everything is simple and precise, with pedantry inherent in the Germans. The main emphasis falls on the frame decoration of walls and ceilings. Forged elements are used to add weight to the decor items.

The brightest and sunniest is French country. He is, perhaps, the only one that carries all the beauty and tenderness of nature. In the arrangement of the premises, she uses only environmentally friendly natural materials, a lot of wood, a lot of sunny color and the brightness of decoupage. The forged elements are not dominant, and the decor items are elegant and light.
The Russian village style is distinguished by its originality and has many differences from the architectural and decorative traditions of the new world. Everything is simple and functional in it, in houses here you can often find blacksmith’s crafts and utensils. Everything is done simply, roughly, but very harmoniously.

Modern country has absorbed all the best from the rural identity of different countries. The use of basic materials: wood, metal, fabric, paper and stone, in a completely different color palette and texture. It all depends on how you see your country house, the main thing is to preserve the natural harmony and comfort, for the sake of which they turn to this style.

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