Manufacturing of forged furniture


Everyone dreams of home comfort, stylish atmosphere, security and harmony at home. Reliable and durable furniture is one of the most important factors in making this dream come true. In terms of arranging space, artistic forging will be a great solution. Tables, chairs, sofas, wardrobes and shelves have the greatest degree of strength, look expensive, elegant and fit perfectly into any interior. Steel goes well with wood, glass, stone, fabric and leather.

Forged furniture and individual accessories are forged, assembled and painted by hand. You will not find exactly the same bed or chair, bench or hanger at your neighbor. Thanks to the durability of the construction and high-quality handicraft, these things will serve not only you, but also your children and grandchildren.

Our blacksmith workshop employs professionals with many years of experience in the manufacture of forged products. They will always come to your rescue in the selection of designs, as well as perform any work on the sketches you have already prepared. The interior decoration, created with the help of skilful metalworking, can be realized in accordance with any style, be it baroque, gothic, renaissance, empire, modern, loft or steampunk. It is able to reflect the philosophy and perception of the world of different eras.

The variety of materials and techniques of execution allows you to create the most intimate atmosphere for yourself. Imagine a royal chambers adorned with the small gilded elements of a rococo or a hunting lodge, where a massive tree harmoniously intertwines with chained oak branches with minted leaves or a vine with bunches of grapes. The masters of the Art Forge are able to fulfill such a task, because we treat our craft as a vocation and the meaning of life, which lies in the creation of works of art.

The cost of furnishing from items produced in the forge depends on the level of complexity, raw materials used and labor costs. We are always ready to discuss not only the content of your project, but also the price range in which you plan to meet. Because it is important for us to bring joy not only with high-quality products, but also with the opportunity to save your budget due to the best ratio of price and quality.

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