Wrought iron railings and railings


Try to imagine a staircase, balcony, or bay window without a fence. Imagine this, of course, is possible, only it is not safe. Any flight of stairs in the house or on the street, as well as a loggia, terrace or garden area needs enclosing structures. One of the best options is definitely a wrought iron fence.

Advantages of wrought iron railings
1 Strength of the metal fence

Thanks to special processing and manufacturing technology, it will serve you for many years, will be durable and reliable. Handcrafted railings, forged and assembled by artisan craftsmen, are virtually unaffected by time and weather. A long service life is possible with correct adherence to the technological processes. After forging, the elements must be cleaned of scale, which forms on the surface during heating and is a layer of iron oxides. Then, the frames, frames and grilles are assembled on clamps, rivets or welding, as a result of which welding spatter sticks to the parts adjacent to the joints. In view of this, the finished products are cleaned a second time mechanically or with a sandblaster before painting.

2 Aesthetics of a wrought iron railing

Blacksmith metal structures have their own extraordinary and non-repeating beauty, as our artists, designers, blacksmiths, assemblers and installers perform the entire cycle from a sketch drawing to installation by hand. The basis is the individual sketches offered by customers and modified for the object, or created according to the wishes and terms of reference.

3 Unique design and art metal style

The versatility and variety of railings created in forges allows you to make a project for absolutely any design and style of a cottage or apartment. Manufacturing methods, configurations and materials used may vary depending on the application. Modern styles often involve combinations of steel, copper, glass, wood and stone. Such items will be an excellent design addition to a fireplace, massive home decor and existing interior decoration, building exterior or landscaping of the adjacent territory. In addition, they will not only save you from trouble, but also bring an aesthetic atmosphere into the architecture.

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