Wrought iron gates with a wicket and a fence


Real wrought iron gates with a wicket and a fence in a strict stylistic combination are an excellent option for decorating a country house or residence.

The beautiful and neat house territory, made in perfect artistic performance, suggests that the owners of this mansion know a lot about architectural aesthetics. After all, the fences of the site are considered the face of the household, which is the first to greet guests and people passing by. A unique pattern, like a delicate interweaving of lace, meanders, flowers, leaves, acorns and berries, careful drawing of every detail, all this is the result of laborious, complex and manual work.

Our artists create incredible projects in a variety of styles. We especially love Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau, Empire. We also adore experimenting with eclecticism, neoclassicism, gothic, steampunk and ethnic ornaments. Art Forge employees will embody ideas of any complexity. We enthusiastically take up the case according to the existing sketches of the customer, offering our additions and improvements, but for greater objectivity, we also show our samples. After all, every master who works for us is a kind of sculptor, when making gates and fence sections, he creates a new masterpiece in art.

All products are specially processed and manufactured using old methods and techniques, improved by many generations of artisans. Significant improvements in metalworking and anti-corrosion protection have occurred thanks to modern technologies, which, improving and supplementing the centuries-old experience of blacksmithing, have significantly increased the service life of products and mechanisms. Now metal is afraid of snow, icing and rain.
Hot and galvanized galvanizing followed by priming with two-component acidic primer and professional paints reliably prevent the appearance of rust. With a gate and a fence made by us, you will feel like in an impregnable fortress, but at the same time enjoying the amazing beauty of the author’s design.

The cost of forging depends on the level of labor intensity and the materials used, but we are always ready to meet you halfway and jointly choose the best decor at affordable prices for you. And for our regular customers we have a flexible system of discounts. If you have a desire to transform architecture and landscape, but you are still in doubt, then you should just visit our workshop. Come and we will answer all your questions and dispel all your doubts.



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