Wrought iron terraces and balcony railings


It is very rare to find both multi-apartment and private country houses without a balcony. What can we say about such objects as sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels and inns, which simply must have spacious terraces with beautiful, matching the style fences.

The normal desire of each person to have their own space for walking in the fresh air, allowing you to contemplate the vastness of the surrounding area, while drinking coffee or warm mulled wine. On a summer day, there you can hide from the sun and enjoy the scent of flowering trees and flowers growing around, and in the evening on a weekend get together with the whole family to share impressions of the days gone by.








Of course, one cannot fail to recall the advantages of the magnificent balconies forged by golden hands, French or portable, considered a convenient place for relaxation and solitude. To make it not only pleasant, but also safe, you must take all measures. One of the ways to keep out of trouble without losing aesthetics is wrought iron balcony and terrace railings.

The most experienced blacksmiths of our workshop will make fencing devices of any shape and configuration for you, with filling the frame with exclusive decorative elements made of steel, copper or brass, braces, forging, acanthus leaves and minted figures and medallions in the best traditions of artistic forging. We have acquired sufficient competence and experience to create architectural decorations of any complexity from premium to luxury and deluxe. We are proud of the craftsmen with many years of professional expertise, accumulated over many years of hard work. They have a keen sense of metal, know how to turn it into a work of art, so that the products are distinguished by high structural strength and fastening, excellent aesthetic properties, and anti-corrosion protection for many years.

Special offer

We will produce forging products in any style. At the request of the client, we will create independently or modify and improve the sketches proposed for implementation by our artists, adapting them to existing architectural solutions. This will accentuate and decorate the facade of the building. In addition, we have collected a large collection of samples from which you can choose the items you like the most. Together with the customer, we will develop exactly the design that will become an integral part of the exterior and a continuation of the interior of the adjacent premises.

Balconies are one of the most favorite areas of Art Kuznitsa specialists, so we can guarantee wonderful positive emotions from the finished products manufactured by the company. We have a wide price range, so we can find the best option for you in terms of cost and quality ratio.

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