Wrought iron canopies and awnings


How elegant the baroque or modern visor looks over the entrance door to the building, created by the hands of experienced blacksmiths of artistic forging. It complements the facade of the house so elegantly and harmoniously. But we must not forget that this type of metal structures, first of all, serves our safety.

Forged canopies protect us from direct sunlight, which is especially important in the southern regions, the canopies are saved from caked snow and icicles falling from the roof. Therefore, their roof should be made of thick and durable sheet metal in compliance with all standards. Often, polycarbonate, honeycomb and monolithic, is used for roofing. The second has significant strength.

There are a number of design features and mounting methods. They are made up of several components. First, it is a frame or frame. Secondly, the poles, brackets or chains that hold it in place. Thirdly, these are tops, overlays and various decoration elements.

Anti-corrosion surface treatment is carried out using high-quality industrial paints and varnishes. Sometimes the method is hot and galvanized. The service life of galvanized products can exceed fifty years.

Our workshop specialists will make beautiful, strong and durable steel structures for you. We will fulfill any order according to your sketches or photographs of the desired sample. In addition, we will offer you our own design and construction solutions. The smithy is a manufactory based on manual labor, so there is no one hundred percent repetition in products. Hand-forged and assembled hardware will be an exclusive addition to your building and protect you from the weather.

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