Wrought iron beds


The bed is considered the dominant feature of any bedroom, a kind of visiting card. This piece of furniture should be not only comfortable, but at the same time beautiful and durable. Having compared all the parameters and requirements of consumers, it is safe to say that hand-forged beds are the most optimal solution, since in terms of reliability and the highest strength in forging performance they will not be inferior to any analogue created using wood and polymers.

The advantages of furniture made in the smithy are obvious. They are hypoallergenic and do not emit toxic substances, due to their high strength characteristics, they have a long service life, an unlimited variety of design sketches. Here the road is open to any fantasy, even the seemingly unreal and fantastic. The zest for gourmets is individuality, because the artist creates a unique sketch on paper, and an experienced blacksmith skillfully brings this drawing to life. Each such product is a real work of art. Today, the skill of blacksmiths is so developed that it will not be difficult to recreate any replica of eminent designers of the past centuries.

Metal cribs are made from aluminum, iron, copper and cast iron. Combination with other materials such as wood, stone, leather and glass is also possible. The process uses hot forging and chasing. It all depends on the chosen design, style and configuration, whether it is single or double. The finished structures are painted with a special paint, which gives a glossy, matte layer an effect or imitation of aging, achieved by professional patinating. The decoupage technique is also interesting, providing for the application of individual patterns and ornaments to the surface.

Wrought iron sofas, bunks and cradles come in a variety of styles and options. They can be made both in minimalism and in luxurious baroque, for children, single, double, bunk, the main thing is that they are not only strong and practical, but also serve as an interior decoration of the room.

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