Forged lattices on windows and doors


For a long time, metal bars have been an uncontested means of protection against thieves, robbers and other intruders from entering a room through a window. Only in the twentieth century, a reasonable alternative appeared, in the form of anti-vandal, shock-resistant, bullet-proof and explosion-proof glass units, as well as monolithic polycarbonate.

Armored glass is a multilayer package with films tightly glued together and filled with polymer. However, even these solutions, today, are not able to be a worthy substitute for steel lattice structures in the field of security, both due to the high cost and the specifics of the tasks.

They are made according to the best traditions of artistic forging from durable material using special technologies, using modern equipment and power tools. In this case, a forging hammer and equipment, a sledgehammer and a grinder are irreplaceable. Surfaces are treated with special methods, including hot and galvanized galvanizing, coating with two-component paints, marine enamels, powder formulations and protective varnishes. These technological processes reliably protect the metal from rust and corrosion. Such bars will be your loyal guards for many years. For some samples, we give a guarantee of up to fifty years.

In the creative workshop Art Kuznitsa, metal structures and unique products are manufactured according to individual orders. Our designers are always open and ready to help you choose the right sketch to enhance the architect’s project. So that forged and hand-assembled metal products become an exclusive decoration of the facade, and the author’s idea transforms and gives a unique refined image.

In the manufacture of forged structures, our blacksmiths, locksmiths and installers take into account all the details to create the necessary amenities. When manufacturing these products, a number of factors must be considered:

Fire safety rules for evacuation
Compliance with the requirements of strength and durability.
Following the architectural appearance of the house.
There should be no difficulty in washing.

Installation, if desired, is carried out both by the customer and by our own assembly teams.

Choosing the pattern and configuration of blacksmith products for window openings and glazed doors, you choose not just a quiet life for yourself and your family, but a kind of work of art designed to decorate the architecture of the building and its interior.

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