Wrought iron benches


Places of installation of metal benches

How can you imagine a garden plot or a courtyard of a private house without a bench? And where then to sit on a quiet, warm evening, talk about life, or just enjoy the fragrant fresh air? They are an integral part of the country, house and park landscaping. Only when choosing this subject it is necessary to take into account many factors. If you want to get the strongest and most durable, then the forged bench is exactly what you need. She is not afraid of weather disasters, thanks to special treatment, she will serve you for a long time.

Forged benches in different styles

Design solutions for blacksmith benches are very diverse. Finding the perfect addition to your landscape design is easy. The Art Forge company will create a work of your dreams, decorated with elements of artistic forging in the form of a vine or flowers, or maybe you will like a simple lace pattern in the Renaissance, Baroque or Rococo style. Despite the material of manufacture, the design with graceful forging, braces, legs, clamps, volutes and acanthus leaves will look light and very elegant.

Technologies for the production of metal products

In the production of metal products for use on the street, our craftsmen use modern technologies that allow them to preserve their appearance for many years. Galvanizing in combination with high-quality polymer powder paints or professional two-component primers and enamels reliably protects the metal from corrosion. This is a mandatory requirement for products that are constantly outdoors.

You can also order and buy a hand-forged bench or a bench from us and put it in the hallway. A sofa that will become a decoration of an office, living room, hall or room. They perfectly complement the interior and become an object of admiration for your guests. Sketch creation will be undertaken by experienced artists who know a lot about art.

If you need high-quality, strong and beautiful metal furniture made by the hands of blacksmiths, you just need to find a few hours and visit a creative workshop, consult with experts and designers, and see the workshop. With us you will receive excellent products at a reasonable price.

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