Today the world is arranged for maximum human activity. Most of us are in constant motion, in continuous stress. And the place where even for a short period of time you can stop and breathe out is our home. In this case, it is necessary that it be comfortable and functional, and most importantly clean, where everything is laid out on the shelves, simply and without chaos. It is to such a dwelling that you always want to return and there our nervous system comes in order. Minimalism does an excellent job with this role. Coming to us from Japan, he brought his oriental philosophy into the interior, where practicality and clarity are considered traditional criteria. Rejecting the classical techniques we are accustomed to, here preference is given to natural materials, simple geometric shapes and neutral colors.

In modern minimalism, considerable emphasis is placed on the planning of space with the distribution of multi-level lighting. For a feeling of breadth and openness, the zoning of areas is carried out by glass partitions or dense screens, as well as using furniture.

The minimalist design is a combination of white, gray and black, which is why the metal parts in this style are made from chrome metal and stainless steel, although sometimes copper, brass and aluminum can be seen.

Forged fences or decorative elements in a minimalist design are a kind of reflection of the desire for discipline of their owner, since there is no excessive sophistication or lacy royal splendor in these works. Everything is done with characteristic simplicity and grace, turning, plasma and laser cutting of metal are often used. Clear straight geometry, light ornamental patterns using circles, curls, squares, triangles, or rows of polished pipes of different diameters, while maintaining the basic principles of minimalism.

The first company to use this style in industrial design was Braun, which showed all the aesthetics in design. Therefore, the interior design of buildings in minimalist solutions is popular with creative people and entrepreneurs, for whom freedom and functionality of the premises are very important. After all, it is minimalism that gives that airy lightness, erasing all boundaries, creating the illusion of infinity.

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