Artistic forging. Blacksmith’s gaze


Today I had a day, quite calm and measured. I wondered how I chose the forge as my life’s work. Since childhood, I clearly did not dream of becoming a blacksmith, did not strive to become a welder or follow the path of hard physical labor. I was more attracted to the humanities: economics, law […]

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Styles of art forging


Description of forging styles

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Ten reasons why real art forging cannot be cheap


1. Making one copy by hand takes a lot of time and colossal labor costs, in comparison with serial production on factory equipment.

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The development of artistic forging in Russia


Artistic forging in Russia has its own centuries-old history, archaeological discoveries prove that the ancestors of the Slavs knew how to process iron using fire a hundred years before our era.

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How to choose the right forged brazier


It’s not easy to imagine outdoor recreation without barbecue, because a person needs to eat right every day. The meat diet is perhaps the most suitable for a tourist outing. That is why the tradition of roasting meat on an open fire or on coals is so deeply rooted all over the world.

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Forged lattices on windows and doors


For a long time, metal bars have been an uncontested means of protection against thieves, robbers and other intruders from entering a room through a window. Only in the twentieth century, a reasonable alternative appeared, in the form of anti-vandal, shock-resistant, bullet-proof and explosion-proof glass units, as well as monolithic polycarbonate.

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Features of forged gates and doors


Many centuries ago, iron was mainly used to make household items and weapons. With the development of methods and techniques for metal processing, blacksmithing has become more popular in other spheres of life.

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Affordable magnificence of wrought iron gazebos


Arbors in art metal In various cities and countries around the world, there are enough forged pergolas that can claim the title of a masterpiece embodied in metal. And this is no accident, because the masters have a place to roam here. Having given free rein to imagination and high professional skills, they will create […]

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Wrought iron gates with a wicket and a fence


Real wrought iron gates with a wicket and a fence in a strict stylistic combination are an excellent option for decorating a country house or residence. The beautiful and neat house territory, made in perfect artistic performance, suggests that the owners of this mansion know a lot about architectural aesthetics. After all, the fences of […]

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Wrought iron terraces and balcony railings


It is very rare to find both multi-apartment and private country houses without a balcony. What can we say about such objects as sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels and inns, which simply must have spacious terraces with beautiful, matching the style fences. The normal desire of each person to have their own space for walking in […]

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Wrought iron canopies and awnings


How elegant the baroque or modern visor looks over the entrance door to the building, created by the hands of experienced blacksmiths of artistic forging. It complements the facade of the house so elegantly and harmoniously. But we must not forget that this type of metal structures, first of all, serves our safety. Forged canopies […]

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Wrought iron beds


The bed is considered the dominant feature of any bedroom, a kind of visiting card. This piece of furniture should be not only comfortable, but at the same time beautiful and durable. Having compared all the parameters and requirements of consumers, it is safe to say that hand-forged beds are the most optimal solution, since […]

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Wrought iron benches


Places of installation of metal benches How can you imagine a garden plot or a courtyard of a private house without a bench? And where then to sit on a quiet, warm evening, talk about life, or just enjoy the fragrant fresh air? They are an integral part of the country, house and park landscaping. […]

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Wrought iron railings and railings


Try to imagine a staircase, balcony, or bay window without a fence. Imagine this, of course, is possible, only it is not safe. Any flight of stairs in the house or on the street, as well as a loggia, terrace or garden area needs enclosing structures. One of the best options is definitely a wrought […]

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Manufacturing of forged furniture


Everyone dreams of home comfort, stylish atmosphere, security and harmony at home. Reliable and durable furniture is one of the most important factors in making this dream come true. In terms of arranging space, artistic forging will be a great solution. Tables, chairs, sofas, wardrobes and shelves have the greatest degree of strength, look expensive, […]

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Artistic forging and its development


History of the development of forges Blacksmithing is one of the oldest crafts in human history. Archaeologists have found jewelry such as beads and tubes made from thin sheets of copper, gold and silver, created as far back as the 7th millennium BC. In those days, the smithy itself was only a site where a […]

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Petersburg blacksmith changed its name to Art Forge


Old smithy with a new name We inform our regular customers and those who are going to become them that the blacksmith’s workshop Petersburg blacksmith has changed its name. We are now called Art Forge. The name change is due to the need to clarify our core business. The previous name did not reflect the […]

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History and review of the Eclectic style In the era of satiety with classicism, when its aesthetic component had already begun to disintegrate, architects wanted more freedom in their work, innovative moods spread.

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Fusion style history Fusion is a combination of incongruous. It combines all architectural styles and methods of interior decoration, but at the same time preserves the integrity of the image and harmony. It originated in the 1980s in the Philippines, initially in the form of a movement of furniture designers. Then he entered the interior […]

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History of style Neoclassicism Neoclassicism arose in the middle of the 18th century and was a kind of response to the Baroque and Rococo, reviving the classics in architecture. Like classicism, it draws inspiration from the architects of Ancient Rome and Greece, as well as the Renaissance, but at the same time carries fresh notes […]

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Today the world is arranged for maximum human activity. Most of us are in constant motion, in continuous stress. And the place where even for a short period of time you can stop and breathe out is our home. In this case, it is necessary that it be comfortable and functional, and most importantly clean, […]

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History of the classic style Classicism, which in Latin means exemplary, as an artistic direction originated in the seventeenth and developed until the nineteenth century. He returned architecture to the times of antiquity, considering this very period of development to be the standard of harmony, simplicity and monumentality of buildings, in which the correct volumetric […]

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A sci-fi style that delights with its extraordinary stylistics, breaks all stereotypes and excites with its imagination. Despite the fact that this art originated in the last century, today it is gaining more and more popularity. Steampunk combines industrial elements and applied art, including a range of genres such as fiction and alternative history, post-apocalyptic, […]

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History of futurism The futuristic trend in architectural art originated at the beginning of the 20th century in Italy thanks to the artistic movement founded by the poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. He was the first to sketch a cityscape on paper, proposing a previously unknown concept. Futurism is characterized by the dynamism of curves, which […]

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