Features of forged gates and doors


Many centuries ago, iron was mainly used to make household items and weapons. With the development of methods and techniques for metal processing, blacksmithing has become more popular in other spheres of life.

Gradually, it penetrated into architecture and construction, firmly establishing itself in the industries. And to this day, fashion trends do not bypass interior solutions, equipping household plots and landscaping adjacent territories.

No one will refuse to decorate the entrance to their garden with a forged gate that welcomes dear guests. Her drawing can be the most diverse, fabulous, brutal, romantic, taking us to the Middle Ages during the time of kings and knights. Often, the design is decorated with acanthus, tree leaves, flowers, volutes, peaks, three-dimensional curls, figures of fish, animals and dragons. Such a simple, but possessing some kind of extraordinary magic, a gate, forged and assembled by the hands of a blacksmith, an artist-sculptor, will give its owners a special sense of perception of their own possessions. And today there are masters who combine these three creative principles.

When we talk about entrance groups to buildings, the issue of security is not in the last place. Its level is directly related to the quality of the project, the competence of personnel and the use of technological tools and equipment.

Doors are the most important component of any home and cannot get out of the general concept of interior design. When it comes to things made according to a non-standard order, then in the matter of their production, much depends on the imagination of the customer and the architect’s plan, in conjunction with which our specialists work. In turn, we can manufacture any forged front door in a complex that provides for the creation of a single ensemble for a spectacular facade design. In accordance with the specified parameters and budget, we will prepare design developments for canopies, original awnings, stair railings, awnings, cladding and wall decoration with lamps and panels.

It is important to note that despite the use of modern technologies and power tools, unique art forging products are made by hand. Accordingly, the production time is individual, and the pricing is negotiated depending on technical factors and materials used.

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