Petersburg blacksmith changed its name to Art Forge


Old smithy with a new name

We inform our regular customers and those who are going to become them that the blacksmith’s workshop Petersburg blacksmith has changed its name. We are now called Art Forge.

The name change is due to the need to clarify our core business. The previous name did not reflect the creative and artistic origin. We do not forge parts of industrial equipment, do not shoe horses, do not manufacture forks, shovels, rakes, plows and other agricultural implements. Even hammers, sledgehammers, tongs and blacksmith’s equipment we manufacture exclusively for the needs of our own production.

Our competencies and specializations extend to the creation of beautiful interior and exterior solutions, landscape design and auxiliary metal structures and decor. Together with our artists and designers, partners architects and construction companies, we try to develop and support true art in architecture. All these factors were the root causes of our rebranding.

Forged products and structures made of metal

We do:
1. Railing for stairs
2. Gates and fences
3. Railings for balconies and terraces
4. Wickets and doors
5. Visors and awnings
6. Gazebos and pergolas
7. Braziers and ovens
8. Lattices for windows
9. Furniture and fittings
10. Lanterns and lamps
11. Elements and decorations
12. Kitchen knives and axes

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