Provence is one of the most delightful places in France, where everyone dreams of being. The region beckons with its intoxicating aroma of freshly baked croissants and endless lavender fields. It was in this amazing place with the smell of the sea and spices that the Provence style was born in the 17th century. At a time when the north of France is oversaturated with baroque architecture and fashion, the south strives for lightness, comfort, naturalness, saturated with sunlight.

A characteristic feature of Provence is its laconic simplicity in interior design and architecture, the use of natural materials such as stone, wood, linen, becomes its hallmark. In the color schemes, the emphasis is on warm pastel colors: olive, beige, light blue, light lavender, sand and cream. Provence, or as it is also commonly called French country, is incredibly romantic and bright. Decor plays a significant role in the interior, part of which is art metal, which gives the furniture sophistication. Here, forged products are made with soft lines, giving a feeling of lightness to the interior decoration. In Provence, you will not find forging in your classic design. All metal elements are painted in light shades or dark in the case of forged furniture. Since fresh flowers, ikebana and decoupage are present in almost every decor item, blacksmith’s handmade also did not remain without this trend. Light thin curls, as if created by nature itself, are considered the main distinguishing feature of Provence forged products. And maybe, at first glance, they seem pretty simple to implement, but they are not. Each detail requires careful study, precise and symmetrical floral ornamentation, precise paint application. Such work can only be done by experienced craftsmen, real artists. Decorative metal is relevant not only in the home interior, forged garden furniture, a gazebo, fences with a floral openwork pattern will be an excellent design for a country house and will be able to recreate the atmosphere of a romantic French hinterland wherever you are.

Provence carries the spirit of the provincial life of France. Here we will not meet outstanding architects or monuments of art, here each local resident has brought something of his own into it, giving great importance to every little thing, without which it is already impossible to imagine this style.

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