The origins of the Renaissance style began in the 14th century in Italy. He played a huge role in both the cultural and social life of mankind. The very concept of renaissance means – revival, the emergence of new relations in society, the development of cities and the growth of prosperity. It carries clarity, consistency, strict proportions and symmetry.

For forged products, tetrahedral rods are used, as well as flat stripes, a drawing made in the Renaissance style takes its development from the center, spiral curls or eights intertwine, filling the entire space, flowers and petals, animals and birds were also intertwined among the geometric shapes. connecting with each other by forging stitching. Often there is practically no frame in these products, basically the frame is an integral part of the structure. For the artistic forging of this direction, cloudy lightness is characteristic, rather even weightlessness, it resembles an endless frosty lace pattern on glass.

The Renaissance style was popular throughout Western Europe and one of the most popular products is considered to be the grates on the Indrzhikha fountain; in Russia, the blacksmith products of that era have not survived, but the inner gates of the Novodevichy Convent tower and the gate of the Execution Ground on Red Square are made in this style.

This style helps us look at metal in a completely different way. Here we see it not as something heavy and gloomy, as in Gothic, but quite the opposite, in lace patterns we feel the lightness, weightlessness of objects, thanks to which they seem so elegant to us that they break all stereotypes about metal products.

Forged metal made in the lines of the Renaissance will be magnificent both in the interior of a house, cafe or restaurant, as well as in the local area. Lacy railings and fences, forged furniture for home and garden, various interior items will create an extraordinary atmosphere of comfort and harmony, luxury and well-being, returning us to the Renaissance for a while.

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