To make a masterpiece of blacksmithing art, you need experience and mastery of art metalworking techniques, sculpture skills. It is not superfluous to have an understanding of the processes of stone processing, the ability to work with wood, glass and other materials. In order to recreate a product with a long history for descendants, deeper knowledge is desirable, the study of various methods that were used at the time of the creation of the work. This is a long-term study, long painstaking work under the supervision of experienced mentors with education in the field of art, who studied its historical development, technologies, methods, various craft and production areas. Jewelery precision in the execution of forging in order to thoroughly repeat the recreated object is a prerequisite for the restoration.

Steel is a very durable metal that does not require regular maintenance, but it also has its own shelf life with insufficient anti-corrosion treatment. Constant exposure to precipitation and temperature changes, violation of the protective coating, careless handling, oxidation of iron lead to the destruction of the loss of its original appearance. To preserve the structure and extend its life, you need to carry out a number of important sequential actions. At the initial stage, the metalwork is depicted by the artist, where the entire structure is drawn in detail, preserving every detail. Moreover, the drawings are made in full size. After that, the product is disassembled into components, each of which is washed with acids and other chemical reagents, cleaned and polished, then all dents and holes in the ornament are removed. At subsequent stages, a sketch of the missing piece of the fence, visor, gate, railings, lattice, furniture and other things is prepared. The blacksmith restorer uses them to make the lost parts.

Each finished element is treated with special anti-corrosion solutions and covered with high-quality paints and enamels, and then all this is assembled into a single metal structure. Depending on the tasks and object of reconstruction, the equipment may differ.

All restoration work must be carried out at a high level by hand only by the most qualified and educated specialists with sufficient competence and skill. Lost fragments sometimes have to be recreated without a sample at hand, using old photographs and drawings. Only a person who knows his job perfectly will be able to reproduce the composition in the form in which the architect once invented it.

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