The history of the emergence of the Baroque

The Baroque style was born in Italy during the Late Renaissance, at a time when Italy, politically and economically exhausted by the Spanish and French, remained the cultural center of Europe. In order to strengthen their position in political life, an architectural direction was invented that showed all the power and luxury without much economic investment. It allowed to demonstrate the sophistication and wealth created by the techniques of high art, and not at the expense of expensive building materials.
This style is dynamic in images, contrasts, always striving for greatness, reality and illusion merge in it. In artistic forging, the main features of the style are the abundance of realistic saber-shaped leaves and rosettes, lush shoots of plants and flowers, graceful lines and curls, openwork garlands, vases and dragons. The main elements in any composition are curls and acanthus.

Spread of the Baroque

From the end of the 16th century, the Baroque spread throughout western Europe, but developed intensively in Spain and Latin America. In St. Petersburg, this style became very popular under Peter I and Elizabeth, the most popular architectural solutions are Peterhof, and forged items in this style can be found in the fences of the Hermitage and the railings near the Church of the Joy of All Who Sorrow icon by the famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. In France, Versailles is a prominent representative, in Germany – the Zwinger, Aranjuez in the Spanish Kingdom, and in Austria – Schönbrunn.

Baroque made for palaces requires a lot of space. Massive furniture, pretentious and pompous products, all this speaks of imperial proportions. But today we can select and combine, incorporate baroque elements into furniture or home design. Forged fences made in this style will perfectly complement the architecture of the house, give it grandeur and status, and lush pieces of furniture forged with floral patterns will decorate any room, not to mention interior elements, vases, candlesticks, lamps and much more. All this will bring an atmosphere of royal peace and well-being to the house.

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