Baths and saunas

Baths appeared almost at the same time as the development of fire. In those historical periods, they were in the nature of cult ablution and treatment. Almost every nation in Europe, Asia and America has their own steam rooms with unique features and characteristics. They differ in structure, materials used in construction and decoration, humidity and temperature regimes.

Today many people think that baths are a fresh invention, but in fact they came to us from the distant past. In each region, their evolution went on independently, which is why a variety of traditions and construction methods arose. The most widespread and well-known are traditional Russian bathhouses and Finnish saunas, as well as Swedish bastu, Turkish hamam, sento and furako among the Japanese, Indian swedana, temaskal among the Indians. Basically, these are structures built of stone and wood, filled with a subtle woody aroma. Only the upper classes, nobles and priests could afford this luxury. To this day, every modern person dreams of owning it. As in the past, they are used for health improvement and as a place where you can spend pleasant hours with family or business partners.

The hot air, combined with the scent of wood and essential oils, warms up to the very bones and cleanses the lungs. It is a good prophylactic remedy for colds. And if you still take a steam bath with a birch, oak, fir, juniper or linden broom, and then plunge into an ice hole or a pool, then no cold becomes scary. You can talk for a long time about the incredible feeling of bliss that can be experienced at this moment.

Steam rooms are very useful for those who suffer from kidney disease, because profuse sweating helps not only lose weight and rejuvenate, but also restore water balance in the body. It is customary to use linden, alder, oak, larch, cedar, birch, aspen, pine and other species for cladding their walls, ceilings and making shelves. Experts from the Western University of Finland have proven the beneficial effect of frequent saunas on the cardiovascular system, especially those who are over fifty.

This is the best beauty salon for women. When you stay in the steam room, the skin is renewed, because it was not for nothing that the saying was invented: What day you take a steam bath, that day you do not age. This procedure is considered a cure for fatigue. It relaxes every cell of the body, removes toxins and excess lactic acid. The heat from the stove gradually warms the muscles and raises the overall temperature, so that you begin to feel clean and filled with an extraordinary feeling of lightness.

And what a wonderful place it is for the soul and a cheerful company, because even in ancient times in Rome, the baths gathered the elite to discuss upcoming affairs, discuss local news or just think about life, such is the club of interests. And so far, little has changed, because you can also get together with friends and have fun with kvass and crayfish, improve your health and relax mentally.

But with the development of humanity, everything around is changing. Bath complexes have not been changed either, because there are more than twenty varieties offered on the market, not to mention design solutions. With the help of the latest equipment and building materials, any idea can be realized.

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