The presence of a home library at all times was considered a prestigious and even exclusive phenomenon. They emphasize the status of the owner, focus on his intellect and high erudition, speak of well-being and exceptional taste. However, even in the age of the Internet, they are the keepers of the history and traditions of generations.

Books are among the subjects that need proper care. To enable them to last for many years, it is necessary to design and create a suitable repository in which rare and collectible editions can be preserved. The decoration of the premises and the assembly of wood racks can be called the optimal solution for the preservation of things so important for the development of mankind.

At the beginning of the manufacturing process, the artist first draws the entire structure in different variations in order to preserve the atmosphere of the room to the maximum, preserving coziness and comfort in it. The designers take into account all the wishes of the customer, set a style that is in harmony with the general interior, colors, and plans to arrange furniture. The style of the libraries can be very diverse, mainly the classics or carved lace of the Renaissance are preferred. In recent decades, bookshelves and bookcases have become fashionable in industrial, loft, hi-tech, avant-garde and surrealism. The color and texture of the surface depends on the characteristics of the space, the level of humidity and light in the room. The first most popular position is traditionally the natural color of the wood. It is covered with special antiseptic and moisture resistant stains, oils and varnish to ensure long-term storage of products.

In subsequent stages, lumber is already selected, which must meet special strength parameters. For cabinets and shelves, solid wood is chosen, such as oak, walnut, ash, beech, birch, larch. Less commonly used soft species: linden, pine and cedar. When creating book depositories, it is acceptable to use several types of trees. The combination of materials will give its own special character, which will emphasize the design uniqueness. In the context of a single composition, the mixing of wood parts with metal forged and cast elements is still relevant. These can be mobile ladders with hooks and rollers, corners, clamps, handles, accessories, table and chair legs. In addition, glasses with stained-glass patterns can become a real decoration.

In the modern world, books have been replaced by technological devices, but even the most equipped gadgets will never recreate that extraordinary smell of pages, their rustling, this lamp atmosphere in which the secrets of the past are hidden, which have been revealed to us through the centuries and are ready to be passed on. It is in such places that you feel like a time traveler.

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