Wooden stairs

When building mansions, cottages, two-level apartments and country houses, many owners always have a question: what material to make a staircase from? The most popular answer to this is wood. They give this preference based on the main financial, aesthetic and practical advantages, a reasonable ratio of price and quality.

In the production of wooden stairs, hard woods are used: oak, walnut, beech, ash, birch, larch and softer pine, cedar, spruce. The choice depends on the purpose and purposes of use, on how durable, strong and beautiful you want to see this structural element. However, there are nuances everywhere. So, the harder the wood, the greater the risk of cracking during further use. Therefore, craftsmen need to pay attention to a careful selection of suppliers that control the drying and moisture content of raw materials, to the ideal accuracy in the preparation of lamellas and correct gluing. To extend the service life and prevent punching and abrasion, upon completion of production, all parts are treated with environmentally friendly antiseptic impregnations and coated with special protective agents such as oil, stain, paint and varnish.

By type, they are with straight flights, rotary L-shaped and U-shaped with a platform or winder pitch, spiral and screw. The design, drawing, texture and color range can be wide, depending on the wishes of the customer and the vision of the architect. Key factors to consider in the design: functional purpose, occupied space and interior ideas.

These ladders are practical and convenient. Due to their low weight, they do not exert serious pressure on the foundation, they are environmentally friendly, strong, tenacious, optimal for creating various forms and a wide variety of options. This becomes possible due to the properties of lumber, because the steps, the risers of the bowstring, stringers, balusters are made both from solid wood and glued boards. Plus, they look great in combination with metal railings, natural stone and glass.

Stopping their solution on oak steps with handrails on a wrought iron railings, the client receives not only a solid and stable structure, but also an exclusive piece of art that will become a worthy interior decoration and fill the living space with the smell of nature and forest.

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