Offices are a very special space that should combine a business atmosphere, work spirit and comfort that prevents emotional and physical fatigue. Its presentable interior, emphasizing the status and position of the owner in society, must be comfortable, conducive to the creative and production process.

A spacious manager\'s workplace, finished with natural materials, the most popular of which is solid wood, make work more productive. An effective CEO should have such a space not only in an office building, but also in his own apartment or house. And in our time, only high-ranking officials, successful businessmen, state and private corporations can boast of wood cladding and furniture. So emphasize economic sustainability, prosperity, and impeccable taste. Love for such decoration is not new, its relevance has been preserved for more than one century.

Exclusive interior solutions are made from hardwood and coniferous trees in a variety of styles. In some cases, artistic forging and natural stone are used. The main factor is traditionally considered to be the aesthetic needs of customers. The main preference is given to the classics, made of oak, which is the most durable and durable lumber. It has a noble shade and a pleasant, regular texture. In addition, beech, ash, walnut, birch, elm, alder, larch, pine, cherry, chestnut are used, but a combination of different types is also possible.

At the initial stage, the artist creates a sketch, then a design project and visualization are made, which takes into account all the wishes of the customer. Then experienced joiners and installers enter the business. In order for the tree to serve for many years, it is treated with special means, and after the elements are made, they are covered with oil or stain, then varnished and polished.

The executed wooden cabinets are beautiful and unique. These include tables for the head of organizing and negotiating, briefing consoles, chairs, cabinets and libraries, wall and ceiling panels, doors and portals. Their striking feature is that almost every detail is made by carpenters by hand, using gluing, embossed carving and choosing the desired color scheme. Remember that a harmonious work environment promotes prosperity, success, and well-being.

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