The kitchen is one of the main, visited and favorite places in the house. That is why it should be comfortable, cozy and beautiful. When choosing materials for the kitchen space, many stop at wood, solid furniture plays a special role, it is not only practical and comfortable, but also emphasizes the well-being and status of the owner.

Wood kitchens are durable, functional and environmentally friendly. In their manufacture, coniferous and hardwood species are used, the most common: pine, cedar, alder, larch, spruce, linden, oak, beech. Sometimes rare tropical trees are used, which affects the price. Pull-out baskets, dish dryers, roof rails, shelves, bar systems, slats and containers for cutlery are used as components made of stainless steel and polymers. In addition, the equipment is equipped with household appliances: refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee makers, water filtration devices.

The stylistic solution is very varied. After all, lumber is easily processed, it can be very pliable and plastic. Competent craftsmen can make products according to sketches, which take into account all the wishes of the owner. Recently, the most popular are cases and cabinets made of boards, boards and glued wood in combination with metal, made in a modern and fashionable loft. The demand for classicism, hi-tech, noble carved styles of the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Gothic is unchanged and high. We must not forget about Provence, which is optimal for small rooms, in which you need to add soft shades and maximum light.

The color scheme is individual according to the taste and wishes of the customers. First of all, interior design and quadrature are taken into account, since in rooms with a small area it is best to select a set of dark natural colors. To emphasize the lightness and elegance, facades of light colors are selected, such as: cream, white, beige, coffee with milk and ivory. Combining wood with wrought iron decor, glass and stone gives the products a completely different, unique and inimitable look. The use of stained glass on the doors of the cabinets fills everything around with colorful glare and bright rays, and the marble top indicates nobility and grace.

The range of wood kitchens is large and is not limited to joinery options, but includes the use of stone, metal elements and artistic forging. The choice depends on personal preferences and your own ideas about comfort and harmony, because this is the place where relatives eat and have family conversations.

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