Landscape design

If you came to our site, then most likely you are puzzled by the search for leading masters who are able to make ideal compositions for landscape design designed to decorate the territories of sanatoriums, hotels, golf clubs, equestrian sports complexes and tourist bases and routes.

You are in luck, because our workshop is an established team of artists, high-class cabinetmakers, carvers and carpenters, professionals in metal forging and stone processing, united by the desire to embody bold ideas in impeccable decorations, small architectural forms decorating gardens and parks, sculptures inscribed in the landscape. The philosophy of the company lies in the attitude to the created products as to high art, preservation of the best traditions and the development of modern styles.

Speaking about the improvement of the local and park space, the manufacture of terraces, pergolas and gazebos for hotels, restaurants and cafes, we mean endless scope for creative imagination. After all, the designers and designers of our Studio are talented designers who have proven their uniqueness by successful participation in many art projects. They can find a delicate balance between urbanization and natural harmony. By calling us, you will get a great opportunity to create your own masterpieces.

Art Kuznitsa specialists have accumulated vast production experience and competence in woodworking, metalworking and stone working.

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