Gazebos are a traditional decoration both for city parks and for the garden of a private house or summer cottage. They are made of metal, wood, polycarbonate, brick and concrete, but only forging offers artists a huge scope for creativity.

Gazebos for giving

Pergolas, as open garden houses are also called, are very common in suburban areas and in park areas. They are intended for rest and shelter from precipitation. Each landscaped park area of a modern city must have at least one.

Varieties of metal pergolas

It is not uncommon to see metal structures with elements of hot and cold stamping, using wood, stone and glass. Cheap but reliable buildings are made of a metal frame sheathed with honeycomb or more expensive monolithic thermoplastic. Also, wooden counterparts are widely used. But, the most beautiful and representing cultural and artistic value are blacksmiths. By the way, there is an increasingly popular type of wrought-iron gazebos - with barbecue.

Technologies for forging garden houses

Basically, during construction they use ferrous metal products. The frame, trusses and purlins are assembled from shaped pipes. Steel or copper sheets are used as a roof, located on the crate. In addition, they use a soft and folded roof.
Decor details are made by experienced craftsmen in the forge, forging and embossing. Assembling from finished parts is carried out in the old fashioned way, with clamps and rivets. It does not do without welding in this matter. The weather conditions in which buildings are used dictate the need for proper anti-corrosion treatment. Art Forge recommends using galvanized zinc and special priming, painting with two-component industrial enamels on a previously prepared surface.

Advantages of gazebos

Beautiful pergolas stand in public spaces and in the courtyards of households, not only pleasing the eye, but also sheltering people from the hustle and bustle of the rain and snow. Barbecues and barbecues are often placed in them, making them a magnificent and comfortable area for family leisure.

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