Doors and grilles

The aesthetic component of the building’s exterior has always been considered one of the most important priorities in its design. The first thing that others see is the front side. In addition to beauty, do not forget about the reliability and protection of the house from illegal entry. To protect their home ownership from intruders, while giving the architecture a beautiful look, they prefer to reinforce windows and doors with reliable steel guards for forged products.

Decorative and security metal structures have a number of advantages. Blacksmith metal structures can take any shape and be made in a wide variety of stylistic solutions, the main thing is to preserve a single thematic and semantic composition. Due to the properties of metal, they are strong and durable, and a high-quality paint and varnish coating creates resistance to weather conditions. They require special care.

The best door and window grilles are made in the forge by hot forging and subsequent welding with machines and assembly using traditional methods for clamps and rivets. The artistic part depends on the selected sample or sketch prepared by a professional designer. The ornaments are endlessly different, from simple and archaic serf motifs, to baroque floral patterns and regular curls of the Renaissance. The Renaissance is more popular and widespread in Moscow, while baroque classics and rococo are inherent in the northern capital, which inherited the strongest art schools of pre-revolutionary Russia.

Recently, modern Western architectural fashion trends such as loft, industrial and high-tech are gaining popularity. We will find out in the near future how this will affect the window grilles and entrance lobbies. But already now it is possible to find that straight parallel and perpendicular lines and clear geometric shapes are becoming more, and based on the existing canons of stylistics, artists offer a completely new reading, a collaboration of ideas separated by time.

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