Fireplaces and sets

The fireplace is one of the main interior decorations, and sometimes, as in the past, a device for heating a room. It creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, near which you can warm yourself on a winter night or spend a romantic evening on the eve of the new year. On New Year’s Eve, he becomes a fabulous attribute for Santa Claus, the main character of this time of year.

Properly designed and built, it does not require much maintenance. For the most practical and optimal maintenance of this stove structure, forged fireplace sets are used, including a wood burning stove, a poker, a soot scoop, log tongs, a whisk, a forged grate or screen.

Manufacturing options depend on the general decoration of the house and the wishes of the owners. They can be very original and extraordinary, thus truly unique and one of a kind. When creating, rolled steel and bronze are most often used, and as for technology, these are hot forging, chasing and casting. Hand-forged devices for hearth cleaning and combustion control are special in metal processing technique. It implies a choice of a wide range of styles from the times of Ancient Rome, the Renaissance, baroque, modern to modern avant-garde and hi-tech. Typically, this is an incredible artistic performance from floral motifs to abstract geometric forms, within which a reliable, durable interior decoration is created.

If tongs, a shuroka, a spatula and a brush are used for cleaning and moving burning firewood and briquettes, then the protective grill protects the building from fire, while metal structures complement and decorate the home environment. They have various configurations with sharp or rounded corners, a single lattice cloth or two-door, removable and attached. Steel is used as a material, and if a combination with glass is planned in the project, then only hardened refractory.

Fireplace sets are products that emphasize the status and style of the owner, complement any room or study with their elite design, allowing you to take care of the firebox correctly and fully.

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