Flower beds

Flowerbeds and flower beds are traditional decorations for garden plots and adjoining territories. In landscape design, artistic forging finds extensive application, not bypassing the attention of flower girls, boxes and flower pots.

Metal flower stands

Forged products have a number of advantages over wooden, stone, concrete, glass, and even more so plastic counterparts. With appropriate processing, the steel is endowed with high resistance to corrosion and flaking of the paint layer. The most effective means is hot-dip galvanizing steel structures, followed by coating with powder enamel or special liquid two-component systems for bridge metal structures and painting the hulls of ships using a spray gun. The metal processed in this way, depending on the operating conditions, has a long service life, reaching a hundred years.

The combination of technologies in the manufacture of a flower garden

Quite often, metal is used in combination with other materials, creating countless options for architectural and design solutions. As an example, we can highlight benches with flowerpots, which combine:

  • stone or concrete at the base,
  • wood on the seats and backs,
  • the forged armrests and tops that adorn this piece of beautification.

The same approach is applied to free-standing flower pots, sometimes large clay pots with indoor and outdoor plants are decorated with a forged pattern.

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