Caps and weather vane

To protect the pipes of stoves, fireplaces and ventilation from rain, snow and other weather phenomena, as well as leaves and birds, special caps were invented. In addition, deflectors, according to professional terminology, are used to strengthen the furnace draft.

These products are considered an exclusive architectural element that performs not only practical functions, but also gives the building a complete and aesthetic image. Even a very simple design of hand-forged metal products will favorably emphasize the exterior of the house and make it stand out from the neighbors.

They come in different shapes and designs. Often they are made according to individual sketch drawings, proposed by the artist, or independently developed by the customer in any stylistic concept. The range is wide, ranging from artsy baroque and rococo to contemporary thematic experiments and folk motifs. Structurally, they are divided into two-tier, which are installed on a hill above the roof to increase the traction force, and single-tier, designed for normal conditions.

Forged caps are made of sheet, galvanized and stainless steel, copper and brass. Due to its properties, the material can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees without deformation. They consist of three parts:

  • A protective umbrella that protects the chimney from precipitation and external natural factors.
  • An apron with a drip required to divert water flows.
  • Brackets and clamps with which the metal structure is attached.

In the hands of an experienced blacksmith, it becomes a work of art. Regardless of the elegance of the item, whether it is a vintage umbrella or a strict one, it has special strength, reliability and durability. The process of cleaning the pipe device is necessarily provided, for which it may be necessary to dismantle and install the metal decorator or its part.

Many years ago, it was customary to decorate such chimneys with movable weather vanes, which were an indicator of wind speed and direction. Nowadays, such a unique decor is also popular. Incredible and sometimes fabulous, it looked like a symbolic animal, a family coat of arms, or a ship floating in the sky. We can say that this is the perfect completion of the overall architecture. They spin thanks to bearings or ordinary fittings joints with proper lubrication. The most diverse subjects are selected. For example, in the past, this wind-measuring equipment indicated the homeowner\'s craft activities and social status, and in Europe, images of cats were adorned on almost every roof. Today, thanks to new technologies and skills of craftsmen, it is possible to make anything and according to any sketches.

A weather vane with a blacksmith\'s pommel will adequately decorate a mansion or a cottage, for many years it will protect the system that stores the heat of the hearth from unpleasant influences.

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