Wrought iron fittings

Forged interior fittings have high strength, uniqueness of texture and design. It can be indispensable for the furnishings made in the Romanesque style, in the Renaissance or Empire style, where there is wood furniture and antique decor. We manufacture a wide range of products to order, using the method of manual hot forging and minting.


Forged fittings and accessories will greatly decorate your home. Combined with graceful grilles and overlays, they will transform the entrance to your home, make it more elegant and create a unique historical appearance. They can be decorated in antiquity and the Middle Ages, Baroque or Art Nouveau, as well as stylized to match the existing design of a cottage or apartment.

Artistic metal is popular for architectural and interior solutions in bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and hotels built in both old and modern styles. For the manufacture of decorative elements, rolled metal is forged and minted, using casting techniques. The main materials are cast iron, black and stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze. Less often, due to the cost of raw materials, silver and cupronickel are taken. Painting is carried out with high-quality two-component industrial enamels with the required hardness and wear resistance. Often, to add elegance, patination and gilding with gold leaf or gold leaf are used. There is a technology for chrome plating and titanium nitride sputtering.

You can order anything

The choice is quite wide: accessories for the entrance group, windows and fireplaces, bolts, latches, latches, hooks, corners, hinges, locks, keys, nails, clamps, towel holders, brackets for shelves, dishes, soap dishes. The most popular blacksmith products are doorknobs. They are a ring or hammer brace that is considered a great alternative to bells. They are in demand both for luxury mansions in the suburbs of megacities and for small summer cottages and townhouses. They are found both on massive wooden doors, giving them aesthetics and emphasizing the status of the owner, and on metal standard sizes.

It is worth noting the year-round demand for decoration of gates and gates, curtains, hangers, textured utensils in combination with forged furniture parts and wood looks very stylish. They are favorably distinguished from stamping by their strength characteristics, almost eternal service life and a variety of unique designs.

Here you will find and can buy the best pieces of work. The assortment presented on our website with numerous photos will help you in finding the product that best suits your taste. In addition, our artists will prepare sketches and design projects for the architecture and decoration of your home or commercial facility. To do this, you just need to contact our specialists by phone and get a detailed consultation.

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