Wrought iron flower pots

Fresh flowers are used to create comfort at home and in the workplace. This is a great addition to both interiors and decorating windows, balconies and terraces. They are often installed in pots and boxes on wrought iron stands and flower beds.

Such products are created both serially and according to individual sketches of the required size. The outdoor ones are massive and stable; you can install pots with spreading vegetation on them. The design of such flower girls is varied. They are made in the form of a staircase with several steps for several plants or in a single version. There are models on wheels that allow you to move heavy forged metal products without much effort. There are also wall brackets with pallets on chains, in the Baroque, Rococo or Art Nouveau lines. Steel is in harmony with greenery, acanthus and curls with curly stems and birds sitting on them. There are, on the contrary, minimalist simplified loft and high-tech options.

Hand-forged vases are a unique decor that will adorn any sideboard, table and windowsill. Such designs are made in graceful forms in the stylistic solution of the general design, painted with special blacksmith paint, sometimes with the help of patina they give the effect of aging.

Like home decoration, landscape design requires beautiful decoration. Therefore, in gardens and parks, flower beds made using the art of forging technique are often placed. You can make a metal structure that resembles a flowerpot in the style of the Renaissance, or you can build a tricycle, carriage or car with platforms for flower boxes, and put a garden figure next to it.

Such handmade things have a lot of advantages: they are strong, durable, easy to use, and most importantly, such a small decorative item will favorably emphasize any design idea and bring its own special flavor to it.

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