Wrought iron doors

Entrance and internal doors are undoubtedly one of the main components of any architecture. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mansion, cottage, apartment or entrance. This is the face of the building and at the same time reliable protection. The strongest and most durable are metal door leaves, including those forged in a blacksmith’s workshop with decorative additions.

They are designed to suit the intended use. Simple ones are made from solid steel sheets of various thicknesses with heavy hinges, or more complex ones with composite elements. Glass and wood are often used in combination. For the decoration of such models, the technologies of impact-resistant tempered glasses, such as stalinite, are used. This material has the greatest strength. The tiffany technique is interesting. For example, framing with copper tapes around the perimeter of the window opening, connected with tin solder and covered with patina. Stained glass and fusing are also noteworthy. When adding an array of valuable wood species, a metal frame is assembled, which performs both an aesthetic and practical function.

The collections are made in a variety of stylistic solutions and are used for specific tasks configurations: rectangular, round, semicircular, single and double-leaf, monochromatic and multi-color, swing, sliding, folding. Much depends on the project, the combination of canvases and gratings with interior decor and other metal products. In the creative direction, many options are possible: prominent floral ornaments, embossed flowers and pins, geometric lines, monograms, meanders, strict proportions and lace weaving, family coats of arms, figures of animals and birds, oriental themes and folk motifs, if only the whole composition is in one design with the facade of the house, in the case of interior doors, its interior.

Like all forged products, such products are unique and exclusive. Each sample is pre-drawn by the artist in accordance with the wishes of the customer and taking into account his taste. In the smithy, experienced craftsmen bring the drawing to life. Metal structures made using hot forging become durable and provide maximum safety, also the main advantages include sound insulation and thermal insulation, resistance to mechanical stress and weather conditions.

The originality of wrought iron doors will help to create your own unique style in the exterior of your building, with the hotel, hotel, restaurant, cafe or bar located in it. Artistic metal is just as beautiful and harmonious in the arrangement of housing and other architectural structures. It can carry both applied and philosophical character of designers\' self-expression.

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