Forged lanterns

Lanterns are the most important and integral element of city streets, squares and parks. They can be made of various materials, using new, most advanced technologies and design approaches. Still, it will not be very easy to make street lighting more beautiful and more elegant than the works of European masters of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Artistic metal aesthetics

When you walk along the old streets that saw Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Mendeleev and many others who left their mark on the cultural heritage of mankind, you experience some very special emotions. Houses steeped in history should be preserved and decorated in accordance with the established architectural traditions and patterns of the era during which they were considered modern solutions.

Adopting all the best from the exteriors and landscaping of the adjacent territories of significant architectural monuments, our artist will prepare for you a unique draft design of a metal product, which will be implemented by experienced blacksmiths. In addition, we provide an opportunity to choose a ready-made item from a catalog that contains options for magnificent forged lanterns. Each forged item is made by the hands of highly qualified specialists, taking into account electrical safety standards and the current requirements for attachment points.

Our blacksmith workshop will create exclusive models for you, with a design that provides for the installation of lamps on poles or mounting to the wall of a building. They will be a great decoration for business centers, hotels, hotels and restaurants.

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