Wrought iron bridges

The design of a local area or a public park with a river or stream makes it possible to implement amazing projects such as bridges forged entirely of metal or combined with wood, stone and glass. The blacksmithing workshop Art Forge carries out work on individual orders, so each product is exclusive.

Forged bridges are made in the form of an arc and a zigzag, strictly horizontal, hanging or with steps. Arcuate and straight bridges are built for both practical and decorative purposes for landscaping. Stepped ones imply a certain width for the unhindered passage of oncoming pedestrians. The style solution can be the most diverse in combination with the existing objects in the garden. Bridge fences are made of high quality durable material, galvanized and treated with special blacksmith paint. This method reliably protects the structure from corrosion and destruction.

The aesthetic component should be given special attention. The ornament is chosen by the customer based on photographs of existing samples or is invented from scratch. A clear technical task is drawn up for the artist, after which he gets down to business. Three sketches are drawn of which one, the most interesting, is accepted. Further, working drawings are drawn up and given to production. In the squares and alleys, mainly, the choice falls on plant drawings, images of animals and birds, as well as simple geometric lines inherent in Art Nouveau and modern style. If the installation is to be done in a front garden with a small artificial pond, then the lace pattern of Rococo, Baroque, Renaissance is selected. High-tech, oriental folk motives are also possible, but in the case of a combination with the architecture of the building.

The combination of steel with wood and concrete allows you to reveal new forms and original images. Often, such metal structures are decorated with small columns with lanterns or they install lighting for the railings themselves, which creates a romantic atmosphere in the evening.

Beautiful metal walkways decorated with artistic forging from the best blacksmiths are a worthy decoration of the courtyard adjacent to the house, the beauty of which will delight its owners and guests for many years.

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