Forged knives

Cooks, hunters, fishermen and simply lovers of edged weapons who value quality and reliability, and most importantly, the practicality and sharpness of blades give preference to forged knives.

Thanks to a special manufacturing process from a single piece of metal, they are able to withstand any stress without the risk of breaking the blade off the handle, while remaining sharp for a long time. Each element of the product is forged with a hammer, and then hand-finished by a master according to individual sketches, with drawings and texts applied to the blade or handle.

Before starting work, it is necessary to select the correct steel blank. Mainly used tool alloy or diamond steel. Some blacksmiths forge Damascus, while others use modern Russian brands Х12МФ, 65Х13, 50Х14МФ, 9ХС, 95Х18, 40Х12, 45Х13, ШХ15СГ and foreign analogues. When the choice is made, the material is heated and hammered until it is given in advance planned on pencil sketches. After that, if desired, they are decorated with an ornament by etching in acid and sharpened. At the last stage, it is dipped in water or oil for quenching.

Knives and daggers forged in a forge can be of different shapes with different patterns, and vary greatly in weight and thickness, but one thing remains unchanged, their strength and durability. In terms of blade properties, they surpass all factory knives, are unpretentious and do not need active care. They are indispensable for hiking, hunting and fishing. In the kitchen, this is the best assistant to the chef. With such a knife, it is much easier and more pleasant to cut poultry, fish and meat, and are also an excellent gift.

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