Wrought iron railing

Railings are an integral part of the staircase, the most important structural element of any home. Their artistic appearance plays an important role, both for outdoor and indoor, as for straight and angular, and for screw structures.

Petit Palais wrought iron fence ОК-1

Railing in the Art Nouveau style

Цена: from 2600$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Stair Railing Chateau Chantilly ОК-2

Baroque stair railing

Цена: from 2800$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
Барокко в металле

Golden Age stair railing ОК-3

Baroque stair railing

Цена: from 2760$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Railing Sheffield ОК-4

Art Deco fences

Цена: from 1920$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Railing Boxwood ОК-5

Eclectic style railings

Цена: from 960$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованое ограждение Аист

Wrought iron railing stork ОК-6

Fences in the author's style

Цена: from 1240$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
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Railing New classic ОК-7

Neoclassical railings

Цена: from 1160$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Wrought iron railing Moonlight ОК-8

Author's style railings

Цена: from 1040$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Railing Queen ОК-9

Renaissance railings

Цена: from 600$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Empire forged railings ОК-10

Empire style stair railing

Цена: from 1080$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованые перила.

Consul ОК-11

Baroque stair railing

Цена: from 1156$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Royal railings ОК-12

Fences Grand Forge Royal series

Цена: from 1380$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Enchanted forest ОК-13

Art Nouveau stair railing

Цена: from 788$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Maharaja ОК-14

Forged fences with elements of Grand Forge

Цена: from 1036$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Southern renaissance ОК-15

Renaissance stair railing

Цена: from 684$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Firebird ОК-16

Railing in a mixture of baroque and modern styles

Цена: from 1280$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Wrought iron railings Petersburg ОК-17

Baroque stair railing

Цена: from 1140$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованые ограждения лестниц

Babylon ОК-18

Eclectic fences

Цена: from 768$ per r.m.. More detailsCalculate
Кованые ограждения

Acanthus ОК-19

Railings in a mix of baroque and rococo

Цена: from 976$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованые перила Адмирал

Admiral ОК-20

Fencing in the style of classicism

Цена: from 1028$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованые витые перила

Twisted railings ОК-21

Baroque fencing

Цена: from 920$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованые перила барокко

Railing Versailles ОК-22

Baroque fences

Цена: from 1240$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованые перила ар-деко

Isabelle Wrought Iron Railing ОК-23

Art Deco fences

Цена: from 1508$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованые перила русский стиль

Raphael wrought iron railing ОК-24

Fences in the Russian-Byzantine style

Цена: from 1640$ per r.m. More detailsCalculate

Benefits of metal railings

  • reliable and durable;
  • professionally performed - very beautiful;
  • do not require special care;
  • emphasize the originality and brightness of any interior.

The design can be very diverse, and they are selected to fit the general concept of the building. If this is the Gothic style, then sharp symmetrical geometric shapes prevail in it. If it is baroque or rococo, then the drawing will be made with pretentious lace curls, as in the palaces of France, or maybe someone wants to see ethnic and national motives in their homes.

Hand forging technology

High-temperature processing of metals by pressure is used in the manufacture.

The metal blank is heated to a forging temperature and formed into the desired shape. Cold forging technology provides pressing and bending on machine tools, followed by welding. This greatly simplifies the process and reduces the cost of production, but entails a loss of aesthetic properties.

The strength of the product also depends on the material and installation conditions. All parts must be made with high quality, and welding and assembly with pinpoint precision. After connection, a strong frame is formed that can withstand any load.

In a mansion, cottage, townhouse or apartment where small children live, be sure to make the correct calculation of the ornament and installation methods. The protrusions and patterns must be rounded and blunt. Large gaps between the bars are not allowed. It should be taken into account that the child cannot stick his head in, cut himself or bump into.

There are three main types of metal envelope:

  • Lattice. Consists of twigs intertwined in any direction. The grill serves as a support.
  • Rack. Pretty simple. Entirely assembled from racks in the form of vertical pipes, rods, cast or forged balusters. Supported by poles and brackets.
  • Combined. Completely different ornamental, but with the present characteristics of the first two types of fences. It can be incredibly whimsical, or on the contrary, minimalistic, depending on the views of the architect and the client of the project.

Finished blacksmith hardware is attached to the base, steps, string or stringer, protecting all dangerous places. Thanks to its versatility and plasticity, steel does not weigh down architecture. On the contrary, such a product has grace and sophistication, especially when combined with wood, glass or stone.

Hand-forged railings in the interior and exterior of the home are considered a reflection of the status of their owner, which will adorn for years to come and retain their greatness without significant effort.

How are wrought iron railings made:

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