Wrought iron stands

Forged coasters are considered to be a convenient and practical decor for decorating tables, cabinets, nightstands. And in combination with the blacksmithing texture of the metal underframes, these objects form compositions unique in their aesthetics.

Forged furniture at all times was considered the standard of the exclusive taste and well-being of the owner. One of the main components of furnishing any room is tables, because without them it is impossible to imagine an interior. In the dining room it is large and sturdy with a wooden countertop, in the living room and bedroom a small magazine or bedside one with a neat stone or wood slab.

The advantage of the stands forged by blacksmiths lies in the strength and durability of steel. This group of products includes napkin holders, towers, pallets, pendants, brackets, soap dishes, plates, bottle racks, hot pads, magnetic holders, stationary knife boxes. During the manufacturing process, they are coated with special industrial liquid and powder paints that effectively protect not only home, but also garden structures. Such products withstand any weather conditions and loads.

The style and appearance are very diverse. It all depends on the personal preferences and wishes of the owner. The sketch is drawn by the artist in accordance with the decoration of the room. Forging is decorated with floral lace patterns in the Rococo and Baroque styles, acanthus leaves or delicate ornaments inherent in the Renaissance. Sometimes they create an imitation of branches, stumps and tree trunks, with interlacing twigs and curved legs, the surface of which is very similar to bark. Animal and marine themes are popular. Recently, more and more people are choosing loft and high-tech with its rough geometric lines. Although, most likely, this is only a temporary fashionable phenomenon due to short-term trends. The dimensions of the underframe are calculated based on the configuration of the lid, which can be rectangular, round, oval or shaped.

Metal decor made in forges by experienced craftsmen is perfectly combined with wood, glass, stone, concrete and even with leather and textiles.

These things will decorate any home with dignity. They will bring their own special flavor and indescribable aesthetic atmosphere into the overall design, which will last for many years.

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