Wrought iron candlesticks

Forged candlesticks and candelabra have been considered the most aesthetic option for candle holders since ancient times. In the modern world, they are used in the interiors of private houses, as an attribute on the tables of restaurants and cafes, in church decoration and Christian worship.

Candles have been the main source of illumination for centuries, along with torches, oil and grease lamps. Only from the 18th century they began to be displaced, first by Argandov, and then by kerosene lamps. For the convenience of their use, stands were used, which were mainly iron devices on a tripod or plate. Later they began to be decorative in nature. They were often made in forges and foundries from iron, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze. Sometimes, when creating items for royal and princely persons, precious alloys based on silver and gold were taken, including inlaid with gems.

In terms of functional characteristics, metal products have surpassed all alternatives. They are fireproof, practical, comfortable, strong, do not require special care and regular restoration, and are very durable. For their manufacture, both hot forging and chasing, as well as cold stamping and locksmith methods are used. Good blacksmiths with extraordinary imagination handcrafted more elegant and exclusive items. Sometimes they created truly filigree things that required jewelry skills.

More massive metal products are made by stamping and machining of finished parts. The design of the forged candlesticks is the most diverse, as are the creative styles. According to their intended purpose, they can be floor, wall and table. A combination of materials with stone, glass and wood is possible. Glass, reflecting the light of the fire, will give the room rich and warm reflections, and wood will soften and revive the metal. Candle holders in the form of flowers, animals, containing folk and plant motifs are painted with special blacksmith paint and covered with patina. This gives the effect of aging and turns into objects of artistic value. This is a wonderful and very unusual gift.

All work is done according to the sketches of the artists, which take into account all the wishes of the customer. Each piece is unique thanks to the piece production. Each such creation often opens with a completely new reading. For example, a three-candlestick for a church in the Slavic style, castle in the Gothic or menorah. This is art. Even if the forging is simple, it will become a worthy decoration of the room and will bring warmth and harmony into it.

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